• On this interview we hear Freda talk about Anniversary of George V and Queen Mary where she represented the wine industry. Wonderful fireworks display on […]
  • On this oral history interview you can hear memories of playing outdoors near Dalston Junction. With his family all lived in the area. Making money with Penny for the Guy and collecting glass bottles and newspapers. Moving to Victoria Park in Hackney, whole days playing football in the park. Sometimes there would be 50 or 60 kids playing.
  • Liz was born in 1949 in Mid-Somerset Norton, which was a small country town. She played outside in the cul-de-sac where she lived. Cars were not an issue, there was traffic but not much. Gerry was born in St Andrews, Fife in 1945, before moving to Aberdeen, which was where most of his childhood memories were, when he was about 8, or 9 years old.

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