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Adventure Playgrounds

Lovely new radio story about The Land adventure playground over on Transom Public Radio.

adventure playground


Adventure Playgrounds are public spaces for children that encourage managed risk. At a quick glance, they look like junkyards. If you’re a kid, you might get nicked or even slightly burned in these places, but your imagination will also fire. They’ve been called, “A complete artwork. A space and time where all one’s senses are engaged.”

Producer Erin Davis has been obsessed with these playgrounds lately and is now telling their story in radio and video. Do you think your community would allow a play space with sharp objects, unstable structures, and the possibility of fire? Erin visits “The Land” in North Wales and lays out the case in this highly visual radio piece, supplemented by lots of actual visuals (check the lovely bits she’s assembled for her movie). All this will get you thinking about the nature and purpose of play.

Check out the page on Transom as along with being able to hear the show you can read about the making of the programme, watch video interviews and the use of a GoPro camera to record the children’s points of view. Also the piece has inspired some lovely play memories in the comments

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