Weymouth’s Pier bandstand was constructed (using 3,000 tons of concrete and 180 tons of steel) on a site that had previously been used to site a more traditional type of wooden bandstand. It was opened in 1939 and demolished in 1986 when the structure became unsafe. It was used for dancing, talent shows, wrestling, roller skating, and many other things as well as a bandstand. The local population seem to be equally split between those that were pleased to see it go and those that think it should have been replaced (with a similar structure).


  1. Lucy Wildsmith

    I’m undertaking a project on this building and wondered if anyone has any interesting stories about it?

    • Bob Fox

      I’ve only just spotted your entry. If it’s not too late, i was the Manager from 195o to 1956 and may have some stories and info that my be useful’

    • Juliet Ann Burgis

      I used to work there as a waitress

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