Seeking stories on people’s hobbies

We are seeking people who used to, or still do, pursue hobbies that aren’t around so much nowadays.

Hobbies like, home electronics; tape recording clubs; home cinema clubs; model railway; or ham radio, were all extremely popular in their day. Or perhaps you still do your old hobby, or a modern alternative to it. Would you be willing to share your memories to add to this new archive.

Photographs copyright of The Leicester Tape Recording Club Photographs. With thanks to Mark Vernon for sharing.

This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and aims to capture and preserve memories, to ensure that an important part of our everyday heritage is not lost. The new archive will be housed at Dorset History Centre, so that future generations can discover the views and feelings of ordinary people through the descriptive accounts of their experience.

Please contact Joe Stevens on 07784 874112 or email

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