Oral History Interviews

Using a pigs bladder as a football

As a youngster Mr Moorhouse mainly played sports and went out wrecking havoc. Cutdown branches to make bow and arrows, like boys do. Shot arrows at anything that moved. At a certain age his leisure time changed to chasing girls. He chased them on his old bike.

He played football and kicked hell out of his shoes. Used to live next door to a pig slaughterhouse and they’d get a pigs bladder that they’d used as a football. One Christmas he was presented with a second or third hand proper football and then he was top of the heap as everybody wanted to play with him. Ginger used to play right back. He played right up to when he was married.

He talks about his marriage. He met his wife in Weymouth. She was being pestered by a sailor, the sailor was being a bit pushy and got a punch in the ear from ginger, he used to be very aggressive in those days. Then they started going out, she lived in Upway and then moved to Chickerell road. He used to have to go back to his ship stationed at Portland (he was in the Navy). By 9 o’clock in the evening unto when he was 17, after this he could stay out till 11 o’clock. He was in the Navy till he was 27.

He’s always been a big pub man and would socialise with friends in a pub. He talks about drinking in pubs with friends.

At a very young young age in Carlisle he joined a Boys Brigade, where he boxed. He continued boxing when he went into the Navy. He was 10, or 11 at the boys Brigade. he gave up boxing when he got married.

All his life he loved gardening. Here he talks about his gardens and his allotment. He won prizes for his vegetables, you name it and he tried to grow it. He won Best allotment for the whole town. His wife was also a keen gardener, but she grew flowers.

Goes back to talking about playing at school. Any farm vehicles that they saw out on the fields they try and get going. Farmers would often be onto them. Later when he moved to Sussex he worked on a farm and learn to drive on a tractor. Which was when he was about 14. He enjoyed school he went to Heathfields in Sussex, a brand-new school. They made him head boy, this was probably for his sporting achievements.

Talks about how he’d meet up with friends. They’re always places like five Ashes where he’d meet friends, there was always somebody about and you just turn up.

He briefly mentioned cinema. They were 12 miles from Tunbridge Wells where they’d go shopping on the bus.

He started going to the pub when he was 16. He was in uniform and you could get away with murder when you’re in uniform.

When he moved South he had a bit of a hard time with people trying to bully him because of his accent, but he stood up for himself and they never managed it. This was uncomfortable though for ginger. When yet again the boys around you and they said they can give you a thumping, Ginger would quickly find the gang leader and thumped him quickly before they thumped him. His boxing paid off here.

He talk about after Ginger is married. He took his daughters out mackerel fishing on the beach and they’d stay out all night, this has become a special memory for his daughters and him.

Sea angling was another of his favourite leisure time activities. He talks about the types of fishing used to catch. His favourite fishing place was at Abbotsbury, there are so many nooks and crannies there.

He talks about his work as a postman in the area. Talks about his voluntary work driving people call people out from a care home, maiden Castle house where his wife worked as a professional cook.

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