Free Time Presentations by young people

A day was organised in the last week of term for young people from Thomas Hardye school to present back to an invited audience their research into how our leisure time has changed.

One of our older volunteers who attended the day said; “I was impressed with the presentations given by the students. They covered diverse aspects of ‘leisure’ ranging from toys to games which appeared to be well researched. Many linked how social influences and attitudes of the times impacted on and were impacted upon by things like market trends – i.e. How popular Barbie Dolls were which may have influenced the young regarding body image. Some produced video film of teachers being interviewed on the activities they experienced in their youth. The students displayed enthusiasm for the subject and confidently gave their presentations.”

Afraid this one is very hard to hear, a draw back in the recording technology of the iPad in capturing the quiet spoken presentation.


Really starts at 1.20min in. In this presentation we hear one of highlights from their interviews with teachers at the school.


Toys throughout the decade

“everything changes but everything stays the same.”

In this presentation we hear about the most popular toys in each decade since 1945.


What types of music do you dislike?

Presentation from the maths group with the results from their survey, which had seen over 400 responses.


Video games Рthe evolution 

Presentation about the evolution of video games.


Continuation of the above presentation about the evolution of video games.


Project Based Learning

Presentation about the kinds of learning students had undertaken during the project.


Board games

Presentation about board games.



Again, I’m afraid another very quiet presentation. This one on dolls and how they have changed over the ages.


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